The Not So Weary Traveler

We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us.  - Anonymous

     For me travel has become one of the great joys of life. Seeing new places, meeting new people, trying new foods and truly experiencing movement. 
       The key to traveling well, I think, is to be open to doing things different than you have done them before. You have to be okay with your coffee being different. After all if you are looking for the same cup of coffee then why bother going to a different place to get it.
     It's funny that I love travel so much considering that for the first quarter century of my life I never went further than just the state lines that surrounded me. And honestly, I was quite content to stay just where I was. Life at home suited me then.
    But somehow in the past decade I have really craved the adventure of seeing the world. I want to see EVERYTHING! And I am fortunate enough to have created a lifestyle that allows me to do just that.  I am so lucky and I never take that for granted. 
     The past couple of years have been especially fruitful in the arena of travel. In just the past two years I have visited France, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, and Canada. Within the United States I have visited for the first time Hawaii, Alaska, Washington State, Oregon, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. I have also found travel to some familiar cities and states across America. There is so much wonderfulness to experience across the globe and THAT has become my number one mission in my life, to see as much of the world as possible. 
     And while travel itself is such a reward, what makes it even more special is when you can share that travel with others.  For the most part I travel with my husband and/or my daughter. Our "Po Pod" craves the same adventures and we grow stronger with each experience. And as I travel I want to grow our "pod" and take you on the journey with me. 
     That is what this blog is all about. Taking you, all of my friends, on my adventures with me. I want to share my experiences and I want to hear YOUR advice and tips when I am traveling to somewhere familiar to you. 
     If I believed in regrets (which I don't) the only one I would have is that I didn't do this blog before when I was doing so much travel the past two years. But no such thing as too late. So I am starting now and what a wonderful time to start.
     Next week I head to the windy city, Chicago, Chi Town, (you get the picture) and from there Joe and I will be taking a 2400 mile driving trip from Chicago to Santa Monica following Route 66. This trip is something I've wanted to do forever. Looking forward to seeing everything from the Rabbit Farm in Illinois, and the World's Largest Catsup Bottle to hiking through the Pained Desert and waking up on Easter morning at the campgrounds of Lake Havasu. 
     We will be staying at some quirky hotels and sometimes camping.
     Did I mention that one of the goals of this trip is to do it on a shoestring budget? Yep, no first class penthouse suites on this trip. Lots of burgers and BBQ and campgrounds and motels.  Believe it or not this is part of the trip I'm most excited about. I want to show you that you can travel and see things without spending a fortune to do it. AND still have the time of your life.
     So I hope you will join me in this amazing experience. Let's get our Americana Passports ready and prepare to stamp Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. 

Let's Get Our Kicks On Route 66!



  1. Sounds fun! Can't wait to 'join' you! Have a blast and be safe out there! ❤

    1. Thx Ellie! We are so excited. We head out tomorrow for the adventure. See you when I get home


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