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Man, Illinois is FLAT!

It all begins here in Chicago. The Historic Route 66, The Mother Road, is the ultimate road trip. Joe and I start our trip on Friday, April 7th. 
     We decided to start the day early and walk down to Lake Michigan and watch the sunrise. It was a beautiful crisp morning and the walk was quiet and gave us energy for the adventure ahead.

     After we sufficiently brought in the morning, we walked to Lou Mitchell's for breakfast. This was a "must do" on all of the Route 66 lists I found. It has been a Chicago staple for over 90 years. Great diner atmosphere. If there is a line, fear not. They give you fresh powdered donuts while you wait. Actually you get one even if you don't wait. The coffee was really good and the silver dollar pancakes reminded me of my childhood. The staff was super nice and really seemed to legit be happy to be there. I love places where the people who work there like being there. And bonus when the food is awesome. And it's like going to…

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