Taste This!

One of the best parts of travel is trying foods that are unique or traditional to a particular area.

Today I was introduced to the Chicago Hot dog!

Now I'm a Carolina girl born and breed so hot dogs are a staple for me. But THIS was totally different. No chili. No coleslaw. But it wasn't as much what was missing as much as it was what was added.

I've never had tomato on a hot dog, let alone a pickle. And if that wasn't enough, the mixture of the sweet relish and the hot peppers with the dash of celery salt was a kicker.

Now something to know about me and food. I have just begun to get a taste for things that are different. Up until about three years ago I was basically 8 years old as far as food was concerned. Just call me Mikey because I didn't like anything. 

Luckily that has changed and trying new foods has become one of my favorite things about traveling. But sometimes I still hesitate when things just seem odd. Today, I hesitated.

I went to Max's for a real Chicago dog. I guess it was obvious I was a tourist because the minute I started looking at the menu the guy behind the counter asked if this was my first time in Chicago. #obviouslyatourist

So I told him a wanted a traditional Chicago hot dog. It seemed to make his day. 

So my thoughts about the dog? It was amazing. First off the hot dog itself was very good. It had an actual crunch to it. So I really like the hot dog. And although I thought it was weird to have a pickle and tomato together on the dog, turns out those flavors are excellent together. And the way the tomato and pickle was on top of the hot dog, I didn't realize what was lurking beneath. Mustard, onions, sweet relish and hot peppers caught together in the second bite was such a welcome surprise. At first I thought it was going to be a very dry hot dog (especially with no chili) but it was just the opposite. So sweet and spicy and sour and cooling all at the same time. Just a mouth full of flavor. Excellent hot dog. 

The Chicago Dog gets The Po Power Approval for taste and uniqueness. Way to go Chicago!!


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